Thursday, January 1, 2009

Benefic Press Series: Cowboy Sam

If your younger kids are just mastering reading and want adventure these series would be a great option! These are interesting adventures with controlled vocabulary -- word lists are included in the back. Many of the stories are aimed more at boys, although my girls have loved them, too. But, living in the country in south Texas, they love everything about cowboys and pioneers!
On the lists below I've included the earliest copyright dates I've found, illustrators, and reading levels. There are also several other series from Benefic Press that I haven't seen myself. Please let me know if you can add more information. Thanks!!!
The Cowboy Sam series, written by Edna Walker Chandler and illustrated by Jack Merryweather, was a favorite of my girls when they started reading. These are about Cowboy Sam and his friends and their adventures on the ranch. Each book has a word list in the back. I haven't seen all of these, so I'm not sure of the reading level of many of them. My list shows the order they are listed in the books, but they don't seem to be in order of reading level. I'd love to hear from someone who has the books I don't have -- what is the reading level on them?

I have seen them in 2 different styles. The older books have a cloth cover with the cursive-type writing as you see above on the Rusters and Porky books. They were republished in the 1970's with more colorful covers -- See the Freddy book above. As far as I can tell the text and illustrations didn't change. Size: 6 1/2" x 8 3/4".

Cowboy Sam and Dandy
Cowboy Sam
Cowboy Sam and Freddy, c1959, RL2
Cowboy Sam and the Rodeo, c1959, RL 2
Cowboy Sam and the Rustlers
Cowboy Sam and Freckles, c1960, Preprimer RL
Cowboy Sam and Porky, c1961, RL 3
Cowboy Sam and Shorty, c1962, RL 4
Cowboy Sam and the Fair, c1961, RL 2
Cowboy Sam and the Indians, RL 3
Cowboy Sam and Big Bill
Cowboy Sam and Miss Lily
Cowboy Sam and Flop
Cowboy Sam and Sally
Cowboy Sam and the Airplane
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