Thursday, January 1, 2009

Book Review: Indian Annie, Kiowa Captive

Author: Alice Marriot
Review by Lauren Tatum, 12 years old
November 10, 2003

Indian Annie takes place right after the Civil War in Tennessee and Texas. The main character in this story is Annie Donavan, or as the Indians call her Humming Bird. The other main characters are Sahnko, Maa, William George, Black Wolf, Mr. Donovan, and Mrs. Donvan.

The conflict was that Annie was taken by the Kiowa Indians when she was 10. Sahnko and Maa became her new Indian parents. In the end Annie, at age 18, has to decide to live the rest of her life with her formal parents or her Indian family. Indian Annie is a wonderfully written story that warms the heart.

My favorite character probably was Annie because she went through hard times and found courage. She also learned that everyone should be free. Annie ended up to make a decision that no one else could do for her. I loved the way the author wrote this book. I have read many Indian captive books which concentrate on what they did in their new life. Indian Annie concentrates more on the dialogue which makes it very interesting to read. I thought the ending was a little disappointing, though I probably would have made that decision, too.

"This story is based on actual events and people. Their names have been changed, and a few events have been telescoped, but the factual basis remains " -- Alice Marriot
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