Thursday, January 1, 2009

Benefic Press: The Dan Frontier Series

The Dan Frontier series was written by William Hurley & illustrated by Jack Boyd. Dan and his young friend, Jimmy, experience adventures in the early west. This is my youngest daughter's favorite! We have all of these now. You can see in the scan how simply they begin. Size: 6 1/2" x 8 3/4".
Dan Frontier, c1959, Preprimer RL
Dan Frontier and the New House, c1961, Preprimer RL
Dan Frontier Goes Hunting, c1959, Primer RL
Dan Frontier and the Big Cat, c1961, Primer RL
Dan Frontier with the Indians, c1959, RL 1
Dan Frontier, Trapper, c1962, RL 1
Dan Frontier Scouts with the Army, c1962, RL 2
Dan Frontier and the Wagon Train, c1959, RL 2
Dan Frontier, Sheriff, c1960, RL 3
Dan Frontier Goes Exploring, c1963, RL 3
Dan Frontier Goes to Congress, c1964, RL 4
Teacher's Manual - (I've never seen this one. If you have, could you share some info on it? Thanks!)

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