Thursday, January 1, 2009

Author Review: Sonia Bleeker

Sonia Bleeker (1909 - 1971)emigrated to the US from Russia when she was 9 years old. After graduating from Hunter College in 1933, she married Herbert Zim. (Another author we have enjoyed.) When her sons were young she couldn't find any books about Native Americans for their age level -- so she wrote her own.

Bleeker's American Indian Tribes Series is one of my oldest daughter's favorite series of books. She has read almost all of them and is able to describe Native American life in great detail. I've even found her making lists of things she would need to live on the land like an Indian! These are just the right size for the older elementary kids to hold or stick into a backpack. They have large print and simple line drawings and maps.

"The Nez Perce Indians were unique in many ways. Miss Bleeker's story of young Spotted Salmon points out the differences between his tribe and the others of the Northwest. The 8-to-12 reader will enjoy this one and learn something of Indian relations in the early days of American expansion."
--Charlotte NewsList of titles by Sonia Bleeker:
Books about Native Americans and other indigenous people:

Apache Indians, The: Raiders of the Southwest
Ashanti of Ghana, The
Aztec, The: Indians of MexicoCherokee, The: Indians of the Mountains
Chippewa Indians, The: Rice Gatherers of the Great Lakes
Crow Indians,The: Hunters of the Northern Plains
Delaware Indians, The: Eastern Fishermen & Farmers
Eskimo, The: Arctic Hunters and Trappers
Horsemen of the Western Plateau: The Nez Perce Indians
Ibo of Biafra , TheInca, The: Indians of the Andes
Indians of the Longhouse: The Story of the Iroquois
Masai, The: Herders of East Africa
Maya, The: Indians of Central America
Mission Indians of California, The
Navajo, The: Herders, Weavers & Silversmiths
Pueblo Indians, The: Farmers of the Rio Grande
Pygmies of Africa, The: Africans of the Congo Forest
Sea Hunters, The: Indians of the Northwest Coast
Seminole Indians, The
Sioux Indians, The: Hunters & Warriors of the PlainsTuareg, The: Nomads & Warriors of the Sahara
Zulu of South Africa, The: Cattlemen, Farmers, & Warriors

Golden Book of Bird Stamps, The
Golden Playbook of Indian Stamps, The
Life and Death (co-authored with Herbert Zim)
Mexico: A Regional Guide

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